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Old Republic Distillery

York, PA's Local Distillery

~Fun things to do in York~

Old Republic Distillery celebrates the art of making spirits, as flavorful and unique as York County itself, where the fertile grounds give life to some of the world's finest agriculture, and where the people and history are rich with pride and strength. ORD is York County's 1st distillery since prohibition. We produce superior quality, handcrafted, small batch distilled spirits, utilizing as much local agriculture as possible.

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We are about friendships! We celebrate York County history and our families! We promote local farmers and the fruits of their labor! We hope you'll raise a glass with us... to ORD! Cheers!!

Visit our York stores! The New Eastern Market, open every Friday 7am–6pm.  Morning Sun Marketplace, open every Saturday & Sunday 8am–4pm. We offer tastings and bottles, tshirts and some cool bar gear! Market has dozens of unique vendors and plenty of great places to eat! ORD Happenings

**Check out our sister store in Ephrata! 3 Dutchland Ave, Ephrata, PA 17522. It's a cool tavern with cocktails and entertainment. Indoor & outdoor seating, with food available too. Don't forget to pick up some bottles to take home!  Also Follow the Ephrata store facebook page to see what's happening there! ORD Ephrata **


Flavorful & Unique

Battlefield Blackberry Vodka

Blackberry Vodka is a premium vodka with all-natural blackberry flavor, nothing artificial and it’s not sweet. The blackberry aroma alone will make all your senses happy!

Central Market House, York PA

• In 1888, the Central Market House was built in downtown York, PA. The building cost $45,000 to build and was designed by a local York architect named J.A. Dempwolf. The Romanesque architectural style market house is about 35,000 square feet, spanning a city block and is one of our nation’s most historic markets. Central Market York still stands today and is bustling with farmers, small local businesses, visitors, and the people of York County who come here to buy fresh meats, vegetables, fruits and other local homemade goodies. To this historical structure, the local farmers and businesses who have shared this space over the past 125 years, we raise our glass….. Cheers!

Battlefield Vodka


Battlefield Vodka is a premium vodka, distilled 6 times.  It’s so smooth, you will want to use it in all of your mixed drinks and just sip it on the rocks!!…. it’s THAT smooth!

The Battle of Gettysburg

• July 1, 1863, Confederate General Robert E. Lee and his army pushed the Union soldiers of General George G. Meade through Gettysburg to Cemetery Hill. July 2, about 70,000 Confederate troops hit the flanks of about 90,000 Union in position, which set off a series of extreme fighting at Devil’s Den, Little Round Top, Wheatfield, Peach Orchard, Culp’s Hill and East Cemetery Hill. July 3, the Union gained back lost ground after a massive strike at Culp’s Hill. The Confederate troops sustained heavy losses while attacking the Union on Cemetery Ridge, with the assault known as Pickett’s Charge. General Lee’s second attempt to invade the North was halted and they retreated. About 51,000 soldiers lost their lives in the 3 day Battle of Gettysburg. To this historic event and the sacrifice for freedom, we raise our glass….. Cheers!

Gates House Rum


Gates House Rum is a small batch white rum that is bursting with flavor! Notes of banana and butterscotch. Your tropical drinks will go to a whole new level of delicious!

New Republic to Old Republic

• During the American Revolutionary War, there was a great distillery located on the southern border of York County PA, which produced the finest whisky. It was called the “New Republic Distillery.” At the time, money was worthless, so this legendary distillery’s whisky was used to pay those who were willing to join the cause. As the fighting commenced, the British were intent to destroy the distillery, and eventually did. When the revolutionary fighters heard the news of its destruction, they because so angry, and fought so hard, that the tides turned, and they won the war.  To the history of Pennsylvania distilling and all the brave revolutionary soldiers, we raise our glass….. Cheers!

Golden Plough Tavern Dark Rum


Golden Plough Tavern Dark Rum is a rum lovers dream with its sweet notes of molasses. This will quickly become your favorite dark rum!

• The Golden Plough Tavern was built in 1741 in York PA, by Martin Eichelberger. This was the place to go in the 18th century as it was a tavern, restaurant, hotel, news hot spot, and the center of town activity. It’s likely members of the Continental Congress visited the tavern while they drafted and adopted The Articles of Confederation from 1777–1778. In 1964, the careful restoration of the German style building was completed, revealing the original look of the structure with rare wood shingles, half-timbered walls with brick nogging on the second level, and a wattle and daub infill on the first floor. To this historical tavern and the rich history of York PA, we raise our glass….. Cheers!

Purchase On Our Website!
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You Can SHOP on THIS Website! Click on SPIRITS SHOP! Shipping is FREE when you spend $99 or more! ALL of our spirits are available. We can ship to PA & DC addresses only. eGift Cards are also available! They make great Gifts!

FWGS purchases online
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If you live in PA or want to ship a bottle to a PA address, you can get our vodkas and rums shipped to your door, along with any other Liquor purchases you make on the PA Fine Wine & Good Spirits store, all in one easy transaction. Just order on the link below:

Visit Our Stores in person at the Markets!  Eastern & Morning Sun!

Visit our stores and sample all of our our spirits for free! Apple Pie Moonshine, Blueberry Apple Pie Moonshine, Love Potion, 1741 Gold Rum, Old Republic Gin, Battlefield Vodka, Blackberry Vodka, Gates House Rum and Golden Plough Tavern Dark Rum!

Saturday & Sunday 8am–4pm at Morning Sun Market!
Fridays 7am–6pm at New Eastern Market!



Store Hours:

Eastern Market on Fridays 7am–6pm

Morning Sun Marketplace on Saturday & Sunday 8am–4pm
Fun things to do in York!

New Eastern Market

201 Memory Lane, York, PA 17402

Morning Sun Marketplace
5309 Lincoln Hwy, Thomasville, PA 17364

(717) 870-1792

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