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Preparing Cocktails

Cocktail Recipes

An amazing tasting cocktail doesn't have to be complex, it just needs to have great ingredients. Using Old Republic's premium spirits in your drinks, will take your creations to a whole new level! Wow your friends and tickle your taste buds with our simple yet delicious recipes!


Cocktail with Ice

•Fill glass of choice with ice
•1 part Blackberry Vodka

•3 parts raspberry iced tea


Image by Amy Shamblen

•Scoop of ice in cocktail shaker

•Add 3 ounces Battlefield Vodka

•Shake on ice for 15 seconds

•Strain into martini glass

•Add olives and olive juice
  (for a dirty tini)


Image by Igor Stepanov

•Fill glass of choice with ice
•1 part ORD Apple Pie Moonshine

•3 parts cranberry juice

Dark & Cokey

Image by Mae Mu

•Fill glass of choice with ice
•1 part Golden Plough Tavern
     Dark Rum

•3 parts Coke

•Garnish with lime

Apple Crisp


•Fill glass of choice with ice
•1 part ORD Blueberry Apple
    Pie Moonshine

•3 parts lemonade

Island Dream


•Fill glass of choice with ice
•1 part Gates House Rum

•3 parts orange pineapple juices

•Drizzle cherry juice or grenadine

•Garnish with cherry

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